Taylor TX

Taylor Texas, just east of Hutto Texas has a great Historic Downtown as well as many historic residential homes. Taylor Texas has a Historic Home Tour every December. I have been on the tour more than once and always enjoy seeing the historic homes in Taylor. I usually also make my own tour by previewing vacant historic homes. There are some perks to being a REALTOR and one is being able to preview homes just to relish their fineness and craftsmanship. To buy or sell Historic Taylor TX homes call Betty Saenz Historic House Specialist at 512-785-5050 or
e-mail Betty Saenz.

Texas Historic downtown Taylor TX Taylor TX Historic ChurchTaylor Texas Historic Homes

Taylor Texas Historic homes include a variety of architectural styles and periods of construction. Historic homes in Taylor Texas can be Neoclassical, Victorian, Craftsman and more. I have toured and shown some amazing historic homes in Taylor Texas. There is a wedding venue on acreage that is quite amazing.

Historic Home Tour – Taylor Texas

The City of Taylor Texas in Williamson County always has an annual Historic Home Tour for the Holidays. I have been several times and love it. Taylor Texas has an amazing array of historic homes and commercial buildings as well as Bed and Breakfasts and Wedding Venues.

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